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How to Effectively Manage People
How to Effectively Manage People is a one and a half day training class designed to help you develop and use the necessary tools to be a successful manager in today’s business environment. Managing people effectively is a primary role of every Manager, Team Leader or Supervisor. Managing people is quite complex as it requires people centered competencies, like leadership skills, understanding others, effective communication skills, outcome thinking and motivational behaviors. It also requires effective management structures and processes to manage performance, motivate and develop each team member.

Attendees will learn:

• Not just how to be a supervisor or how to become a good supervisor, but how to become an excellent manager
who people are eager to work for.
• The six essential ingredients of outstanding management.
• How to understand your employees so you know exactly how to motivate them.
• The right way to monitor, evaluate and give employees feedback on their performance.
• How to manage conflict between people.
• Characteristics of the emotionally intelligent person
• Four key emotional skills: identifying, leveraging, understanding and managing emotions
• Use your mirror listening skills to understand how others are feeling
• Identify feelings and the reasons why people feel the way they do
• Recognize when to be assertive in interacting with others
• Adjusting communication behaviors to communicate with different styles
• Applying active listening skills to separate message content from feeling
• Asking questions to expand knowledge and bring out new ideas
• Directing others by giving clear instructions and delegating
• How to empower yourself and your staff
• What leadership is from the supervisor’s point of view
• How to build credibility and trust
• The three steps of the continuous performance appraisal process
• Decision-making tools for effective leadership
• How to apply problem solving techniques to solve actual problems
• Teams vs. work groups: learning to lead and build personal effectiveness

The attendees will also practice these skills with real-life simulations and exercises during the class.