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Conflict Resolution
How to Effectively Manage People
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The Conflict Resolution Training class helps the attendee to learn a positive approach to managing conflict that takes the stress, anxiety and frustration out of dealing with disagreements and conflict. By learning the skills you need for successful conflict resolution, you can keep your personal and professional relationships strong and growing.
How to Effectively Manage People is a one and a half day training class designed to help you develop and use the necessary tools to be a successful manager in today’s business environment. Managing people effectively is a primary role of every Manager, Team Leader or Supervisor. Managing people is quite complex as it requires people centered competencies, like leadership skills, understanding others, effective communication skills, outcome thinking and motivational behaviors. It also requires effective management structures and processes to manage performance, motivate and develop each team member.
INTRO TO NGLs - Natural Gas Liquids
The Intro to NGLs - Natural Gas Liquids Training Class is designed to give each participant a broad overview of the NGLs (Natural Gas Liquids) marketplace.