Managing Successful Negotiations training class is designed to help you become more effective in negotiating with business parties and/or individuals in the energy business. When you understand the negotiation process and good negotiation techniques, you will be more effective in achieving the results you want, in both your individual and corporate goals.

Paige did an excellent job of expanding & relating the information to real life experience.
Lorna McMillian OGE Enogex Inc.
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Managing Successful Negotiations
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The Training Class uses a systematic approach to negotiating that makes negotiating easier, more efficient and less likely to be disrupted by conflict. This approach will help bring parties together, rather than pulling them apart.

We will use the following four step process:

  1. Identify and Understand Needs and Interests – It is imperative to understand all parties’ needs and interests so as not to propose deals that offer little value to them.

  1. Look for Options – Seek out, identify, study and examine all the components of value needs from which you can design different deal packages. Be able to identify and handle the different negotiation styles, personality types and body language of the parties involved in the negotiation.

  1. Build Deal Packages – Choose from the different options that you have identified to create a variety of deal packages that appeal to all sides.

  1. Discover the Optimum Deal – Analyze the proposed deal packages to uncover the deal with the greatest amount of satisfaction for all parties. Evaluate your performance.

Negotiation is a common, everyday activity that must people use to influence others and to achieve personal objectives. Negotiation is not only a common activity but also an essential activity to living an effective and satisfying life. We all need things – resources, information, cooperation, and support from others. And others have these needs as well. Negotiation is a process by which we attempt to influence others to help us achieve our needs, while at the same time taking their needs into account. It is a fundamental skill, not only for successful management but also for successful living.
By the end of this training class through role-plays, interactive teaching methods and case studies you will be able to:

  1. Use the negotiation process to reach better deals.
  2. Apply negotiation strategies.
  3. Use negotiation tactics, and recognize and counter the tactics your opponent may be using.
  4. Understand the guidelines and concerns in individual and group negotiations.
  5. Deal with conflict and use de-escalation tactics.
  6. Flex your personal style of negotiating.

Paige is a great instructor – I really enjoyed her class and teaching techniques.
Jorinda McNew, Assistant - Commercial Marketing – Enterprise Products Partners