Students attending this training class will learn:

• the process of deregulation in the electric power industry
• the key features of FERC Order 888, Order 2000, 2005 and Order 890 and their effects on the industry
• who the key industry players are and their roles and functions
• what is electricity, how we measure it and what is involved in the generation and transmission of electricity
• what are the key terms and definitions used in the daily business process
• the different types of power and the how the different market places operate
• what are the different types of contracts and pricing methods used in getting power to the consumer
• how the scheduling/confirmation and checkout processes work on a daily basis

Section I - The Electric Power Industry discusses the history of the industry’s regulations through the deregulation process.

Section II - The Physical Flow - Source to Sink discusses the fundamental power terms and industry definitions as well as the activities that occur during the generation, transmission and distribution of power for sale to the market.

Section III - Electricity Market Segments discusses who the players are involved in the industry and the importance of their roles and functions in the wholesale and retail markets.

Section IV - Day to Day Operations discusses the activities and services involved in marketing power to the consumer and the electricity transaction cycle including contracts, pricing power, the scheduling/checkout process and the accounting for power.
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The Fundamentals of Electricity Training Class is designed to give each participant a broad overview of the electric power industry beginning with a discussion on the changes that the industry is currently going through due to the deregulation process and ending with a discussion of the day-to-day operations of buying, selling and transmitting power to the various markets. A brief history of the electric industry will be covered from regulation through deregulation, the physical flow of power will be discussed including the generation of electricity and transmission of electricity, the essential definitions and terms of power will be defined, and the roles and the functions of the various players in the markets will be explained. The class will wrap up with a discussion of the day-to-day business processes of contracting and pricing the sale, purchase and transmission of power, the scheduling and accounting of the power flow and how to manage the physical flow of power from the generation source to the user.
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