Training Classes
In today's competitive natural gas industry you cannot afford to have employees who are not highly skilled and trained in their jobs. We design and provide in-depth technical training classes to meet your company's specific employee needs. Each class is designed to be highly interactive, with the use of case studies and in-depth discussions of real life problems in the natural gas industry.
Natural Gas Training
In the fastest changing sector of the energy industry, you cannot afford to fall behind the competition. Patterson & Associates' technical training will become the most important training to you and your company today. This 1-1/2 day training class is essential in order for you to keep up with the ever-increasing changes due to deregulation and the opening of the market place to competition.
Electricity Training
The consequences of the increasing complexity of the energy industry cannot go unnoticed as the industry has undergone radical changes from a fairly straight-forward, regulated industry, with a limited number of players, to an increasingly complex, market-driven industry with a multitude of players and new products. This 1-1/2 day training class is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the energy risk management world as it exists today.
Risk Management TRAINING
Paige -
You are great!
So concise &
I enjoyed having you as an instructor and would recommend you to anyone who is interested in your classes. Thank you!
The class explained more to me in 1.5 days than I've learned on the job!
Instructor was amazing.
Patterson & Associates
Specially Designed Training Classes to Fit Your Company's Training Needs
Michelle Tberi
Energy Transfer
Anita Marks
E-Comm & Marketing Mngr
PPM Energy Inc
Negotiations TRAINING
This two-day training class is designed to help you become more effective in negotiating with business parties and/or individuals in the energy business. When you understand the negotiation process and good negotiation techniques, you will be more effective in achieving the results you want, in both your individual and corporate goals.
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presentation skills TRAINING
This one-day, intensive Training Class, is designed to give you instruction and practice in the organization, presentation structure, delivery skills, visual design and use, and question-and-answer techniques for effective presentations. The training provides practice and feedback from peers, instructors, and video, as well as giving you tips, techniques and a working process for giving a successful presentation. It is to help you become more effective in presenting information with business parties and/or individuals. When you understand what an effective presentation is and acquire good presentation techniques, you will be more effective in achieving the results you want, in both your individual and corporate goals.